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eChrysalis For Marketing / Sales


eChrysalis introduces the Chrysalis, where antiquated processes and traditional approaches are transformed into modern day instruments for strategic use through

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eChrysalis Staffing Solutions


Today, organizations are either downsizing, rightsizing, delayering or re-engineering their operation to be competitive in this global economy.

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eChrysalis for HealthCare

2013 and 2014 have presented even more challenges to healthcare executives in this increasingly competitive ecosystem. Hospitals, Physician Networks,

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eChrysalis Accelerators

Thank you for showing interest in “TheSolutionMatrix” marketing innovations. Our solutions are web based and we choose to put our best foot forward by using our own innovations to present to you. Please note that we communicate to you through state-of-the-art electronic alternatives instead of traditional marketing collateral.

I invite you to take an in-depth look at all of our offerings that will impact earnings and transform revenue growth. Please click on one of the buttons below to begin the “TheSolutionMatrix’ experience.

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The most interesting part of the site, aside from the experience of viewing the eBrochure product guides, you will find real world examples, the tab “See Samples”. It is there that you will discover how our customers are using these innovations to gain a significant market share and competitive advantages, by leveraging the internet as it swiftly becomes the delivery vehicle of choice for more and more business and consumer demographics.